The International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) 



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  • First day of second month of fall (1st of Aban and 23rd of October) is named National Day of Statistics and Planning in Persian calendars, and there are many ceremonies in different parts of country to celebrate this national day by statisticians, research centers and Universities. In this regard, Mr Afshin Ashofteh was invited by the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman and also, University of Rafsanjan to participate in their ceremonies and talk about statistics and statistical literacy.


  • As part of the International Year of Statistics, Mr Afshin Ashofteh talked about necessity of independency of official statistics producers at 35th Seminar of Economical Statistics. He illustrated the historical actions of independency of statisticians and the integrity of statistics and several kinds of responses to maintain statistical integrity in the face of political pressures or pressures coming from different lobbies.


    Two BOOKs “Problems in Mathematical Statistics. ISBN 964-7159-28-5” and “One Day with Statistics. ISBN 8-625-318-964-978” are available for free full text download in Farsi as the gift of World Statistics Year(2013).



      A talk about Statistical Literacy took place in Malayer University in National Day of Statistics by Afshin Ashofteh. In this ceremony, students and teachers of University celebrated the world statistics year and National statistics day of Iran by: special talk, theater, music and a short movie about statistics.


  • Scientific committee of Golestan University hold a competition in the name of Statistics Seven Color about Statistics and its application in the National Day of Statistics 2011. 

  • Paper competition was hold by Statistics and ICT management bureau of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in the national day of statisitcs.

  • Statistical literacy talk hold by Mr Afshin Ashofteh in the educational seminar of statisticians of Central Bank of Iran in 2011.

  • Three lectures hold by the following lectures on statistical applications and statistical literacy

     Prof. Samad Hedayat, Illinois University (26 October 2010), Dr. Mohamad Reza Faghihi, Shahid Beheshti University (28 October 2010) and Mr. Afshin Ashofteh, Central Bank of IRAN (28 October 2010).

  • Public seminars hold by: Dr. Kasra Alishahi of Sharif University of Technology, Dr. Omid Naghshine-Arjmand of Amir Kabir University of Technology and Mr. Afshin Ashofteh of the CBI at 3 different locations in Tehran for high school students and their families on 21 October 2010.



“Let us make this historic World Statistics Day a success by acknowledging and celebrating the role of statistics in the social and economic development of our societies and by dedicating further efforts and resources to strengthening national statistical capacity”

BAN KI-MOON, UN Secretary-General



One day workshop about Statistical Literacy, in benefit of Children Suffering from Cancer.

The main objective of this workshop was to contribute to promoting bio-statistics and statistical literacy among employees and specialists of Kerman University of Medical Sciences ( This workshop was also recorded by the University to be used by others who could not participate in this session. 
I have sent the payment (ten million Rials) of this workshop to the MAHAK, the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer to start a campaign named “Spread knowledge, Spread kindness" that I will explain it. ( This charity supports the parents of the children suffering from cancer in Iran. Please let me to thank all the people who supported and helped me to prepare and conduct this program. 
"Spread knowledge, Spread kindness": 
It would be great to start a campaign by all specialists of the world to use their knowledge and abilities, at least one time in this year, in benefits of charities around the world which help children. I had this chance and it was really sweet. It would be very different with the usual charity movements because in this idea the charity is only one gain and also the knowledge sharing in a positive atmosphere in another gain. It makes all people happy, lecturer, participants, regulators and children. 

Afshin Ashofteh



کتاب مسائل آمار ریاضی

This book is about the main points and solved problems of Statistical Inference book of Prof. Parsian which is the main resource of high degree students in Statistics in Iran. Because of many requests from students about the solve of several problems of this book, Mr Afshin Ashofteh and Dr Vahid Fakoor (Assistant Professor of Ferdowsi University) decided to solve all the problems of this book and additionally, main educational points of Statistical Inference in 2004. The electronic version of this book is available online for free download as the gift of World Statistical Year.






The Book of World Statistics Day: "One Day with Statistics by Afshin Ashofteh"

On World Statistics Day, the Iranian Statistical Society distributed a new educational statistics story book called "One day with statistics". It was written in Farsi (Persian) by Afshin Ashofteh and it was published by Fatemi publisher.






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This book is written by Mr. Ahmad Mohamadi, lecturer of Payame_Noor University. It is about descriptive statistics and its concepts for the use of students of universities.